Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shaft of Light

a shaft of light:
a broad-bladed knife,
hangs in the air
between the woolen clouds
resting on sunset’s pink dress
on the lady's shoulders;

a freighter, modernized,
decks in orderly clutter with
train-car sized cargo boxes,
sails under the knife blade;
silhouetted by
the shaft of light;
commerce, not romance or beauty,
is her reason for existence;
yet she fits the scene,
perhaps unaware, but still fitting;
moving under the blade’s shaft:
who, what are the crew;
are they aware of their part
in a small moment of beauty?
or was their crap game
too occupying to notice?

the blade slowly fades;
the pink dress
swells with night’s pregnancy;
woolen skies become
a black velvet evening dress,
sequined with stars;

had the freighter passed later
i would have missed her and
the shaft of light.

- South China Sea
- July 2, 1970

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