Wednesday, March 31, 2010

buffalo bob and jeezus

Where do we live, in heaven or hell; why not either? ho jeezus.
is it restlessness, human nature, or abject and terribly humane stupidity driving us toward
life in a fast lane leading to no exit from the super highway down the road. oh
my problem is i was/am an innocent, well unarmed to seek a feasible, feastible answer while
the world runs amok,
looking for the next best thing to change,
which really bears no difference to the last change where
we reel, rockin' n' a rollin' way 'til the break of dawn, shoobey doo wah.
errol flynn,
joe dimaggio,
mickey mantle,
gone to
other things of which we know not but are unwilling to admit
other than our own interpretation.
mister aspiration: don't hide your arm, and smoke a lucky, and tell the truth.
tomorrow, someone may ask us where we've been:
homer: long game winning ball or the iliad.
live well among the cedars of the limestone-pocked hills where the cherokees
did not cherish nobility anymore than the white invaders who
bought, sold and still try to own the negras
who changed their name several times to avoid their own perception of embarrassment or
the other coast where high desert promotes the same silly-ass idea of superlativeness which invades places, our spaces
having no climate but drinkable water. ho, santa ride, ride, ride Rudolph,
have you heard of
mr phinneas t bluster and, god bless her, princess summerfallwinterspring? maybe buffalo bob and howdy doody had it right all along
after all.

- Bonita, California
- August 28, 1996

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