Monday, July 12, 2010

ride to work

Changes to this web site and my pursuits continue.
Please let me know what you think of the site with an email to Today after catching up on posting my column, "Notes from the Southwest Corner" in The Lebanon Democrat, i have again begun posting other writings such as the poem below. Thanks for dropping in.

i rode into work this morning reluctantly.

The rain was intermittent.

Strings of thought tugged me back toward home
but fruitlessly.

When i emerged from the truck in the parking lot,
there was a break in the rain, and
the wind was warm.

i thought of running in the rain alone,

i thought of daughter and i walking in the rain, then
i thought of walking in the zoo in the rain:
people sparse,
animals staring back with no more care for the rain
than we,

i thought of the two daughters walking with me
in the rain at the zoo with no one around
but us and
the chimpanzees, elephants, bats and
tigers and bears.

They were good thought to have
as i trudged
once again
up the four flights of stairs
to my office
full of things to do.

San Diego, California
February 22, 2004

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